meeto is your appointment book on the cloud and makes it easier to manage time, share schedules with groups on social media and be able to receive booking & track confirmations for their services. meeto takes care of automated reminders to prevent no-shows which cost you precious revenues, simple, isn't it.

You can register as an individual to share and track time-based events with your customers or log in as an enterprise to access advanced functionalities like slot management, dashboards, web integrations and reporting. Try us out and get organized !!

How it works


Step 1

Easy Registration

Log in via mobile app or web with your phone number

Step 2

Create your On-Demand Service

Easily create your service by adding details like, start date & time, payment link, zoom/hangout link for virtual sessions & location. Set the time for automated reminders prior to the event and you are all set to share it with your friends now !!!

Step 3

Share, Remind & Track

meeto is the only platform that lets you share your service event with your customers via phone numbers and social platforms like whatsapp, facebook etc and track their responses (Yes/No/Maybe). meeto does the job of reminding your customers and avoid no-shows.

Small & Medium Businesses

Step 1

Register your company

Log on to meeto platform app or web and provide your company details.

Step 2

Set your service timings

Provide details about your service, available time slots, date & location. Set the default time for auto reminders

Step 3

Create your on-demand service link

With a simple click of a button you get a URL link that can be shared with any group on social media like whatsapp, Facebook or instagram

Step 4

Relax & Get booking $$

Your customers click on the link and book their slot. You get a report of the leads and your customers are reminded of their bookings before time to avoid no-shows


Get on-demand bookings

Sell your time based offers

Your customers can easily search your service offering and book your time with a click of a button. Get your offline services business online and reach out to new customers looking for you

Avoid No-Shows

remind others easily

Send event details and reminder time to any phone number or group on social media and meeto automatically reminds them to take action. Use it to remind them of anything, dare we say, forgetful spouse, no need to follow up endlessly, just send a simple reminder message once and we do the rest ;-)

Track Your Leads

know who is joining

Easily track your leads & know the customers who have booked your service or joined your event. No need to call people & check if they would be joining you for the next football coaching session !!!

Grow Revenues

Reach out to more people

Engage with your customers by integrating meeto on your website or your mobile app, add payment options, zoom or hangout integration and anything else that you can think of. Reach out to us at if you want to explore such integrations.

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