meeto for business is a cloud based platform for small & medium business owners to engage their customers for offline events, new product launches, time bound discount campaigns & save the date campaigns using calendar messaging.

By utilizing meeto, you can grow your business by engaging with your offline customers. You can make creative invitations and send it to your customers phone numbers, share it on your social media page and track their acceptance and rejection Meeto enable an interaction with the customer for your invites which is far more engaging that just a SMS or text.

meeto’s calendar messaging feature automatically saves the message on the recepient’s phone, reminds them before its due date and lets you track their participation for the event.

How it works

Register your business
with meeto

Log on to meeto platform via web and provide your company details for verification.

Use Web Interface or
API based integration

Get access to our dashboard for creating campaigns or use our API’s to integrate with your CRM

Launch your calendar
messaging campaigns

Upload your campaign creative. Add useful details like event name, date, time & location. Set the reminder time (10 mins to 24 hours) prior to the event and send this invitation to any phone number. View reports on dashboard to track accept/ reject responses.

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